Football Schedule


Posted August 5th, 2015

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Thursday, October 8

1:45pm  Ireland vs Germany
1:45pm  Northern Ireland vs Greece
1:45pm    Scotland vs Poland
3:30pm   Colombia vs Peru
4:00pm  France vs Armenia (Same Day Delay)
4:00pm    Venezuela vs Paraguay
6:30pm    Chile vs Brazil
8:30pm    Argentina vs Ecuador

Friday, October 9

1:45pm  England vs Estonia
1:45pm  Spain vs Luxembourg
Saturday, October 10
11:00am  Azerbaijan vs Italy
11:00am  Kazakhstan vs Netherlands
1:45pm   Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Wales
1:45pm  Czech Republic vs Turkey

2017 FIFA Confederations Cup Playoff: U.S. Men vs. Mexico

Sunday, October 11

1:45pm  Poland vs Ireland

Monday, October 12

11:00am  Russia vs Montenegro
1:45pm  Ukraine vs Spain
2:00pm  Lithuania v England

Tuesday, October 13

1:45pm  Netherlands vs Czech Republic
5:30pm  USA vs Costa Rica

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